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ECM 2021 will follow the tradition established by previous ECM meetings:

ECM 2003 – Orleans, France
ECM 2005 – Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
ECM 2007 – Chania, Greece
ECM 2009 – Vienna, Austria
ECM 2011 – Cardiff, UK

ECM 2013 – Lund, Sweden

ECM 2015 – Budapest, Hungary
ECM 2017 – Dubrovnik, Croatia
ECM 2019 – Lisboa, Portugal

The format of the meeting will consist of invited plenary lectures and of parallel poster sessions, intended to foster intellectual discussion and to enhance future collaborative research activities.

The main objective of ECM 2021 is to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of combustion science and technology. ECM 2021 will provide the opportunity for academic and industrial combustion experts to meet and discuss on all fundamental and applied aspects of combustion, as well as of neighboring fields, particularly those related to the following topics:

Fundamental physical and chemical aspects of combustion;
Reaction kinetics;
Laminar and turbulent flames;
Solid fuels combustion, pyrolysis and gasification;
Spray, droplet and supercritical combustion;
Stationary combustion systems;
Oxyfuel combustion;
Combustion diagnostics;
Formation and control of pollutants and greenhouse gases;
Soot, nanoparticles, PAH and other large molecules;
Internal combustion engines;
Gas turbine combustion;
Catalytic combustion;
Detonations, explosions and supersonic combustion;
Fire and safety research;
MILD combustion;
Biofuels, biochemicals and biorefinery;
Fuel processing and upgrading;
Smart energy carriers;
Novel concepts, technologies and systems.