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If you have been invited as a host for a virtual poster presentation, once entered in your profile you will see the following dashboard:

Slides and Speaker Frame

There are three modes of presenting: slides, poster, or no slides. After selecting a mode, you can switch to another one through the Presentation settings button right below the slides frame.

  • Upload slides: use this for multiple-page PDF presentations. You can navigate through the slides and the attendees see that in real-time (no more than 20 MB)
  • Upload poster: use this for one-page PDF posters. You can zoom in and out and move around on the poster to highlight and explain different areas of it. Attendees see that in real-time. (no more than 20 MB)
  • No slides or poster: You can also decide to not present anything. In that case the host will be shown larger in place of the slides/poster and the attendees will be shown in the grid starting from the top of the page.

Besides the options above, you can always present anything from your computer through the button Share screen in the bottom-left corner.

Bottom Toolbar

  • Control whether the room is open or closed by using the Open room button in the bottom-left corner. The attendees can only access the room when it is open. If the moderator closes the room when there are attendees in it, they will receive a notification saying that the room is closed.
  • Turn on/off camera and microphone using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. With the arrow on the side, you can select another microphone or camera if needed.
  • Share your screen using the button in the bottom-right corner. You can choose to share your entire screen, an application window (for example PowerPoint) or a Chrome tab.

Attendee List

  • See all attendees in your session in the list on the right. There is a maximum of 15 attendees that can be in the room at the same time.
  • Mute attendees by hovering over their video and selecting the microphone icon. Please note you cannot unmute them; they have to do that themselves. Attendees are automatically muted when they join the session, so they have to enable the microphone to be able to speak.
  • Block attendees from the room by hovering over their video and selecting the block icon. The attendee will be kicked out of the room.

Please watch here a short video demo