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The ECM 2021 conference will take place on a virtual platform. It will be accessible via a web app only.

So please take note that you cannot navigate it with your smartphone but with PC and tablet only.

We recommend Chrome as the most stable and consistent browser for accessing the Virtual Rooms. The platform is compatible with the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The web app is not compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Speakers/Poster Presenters will be invited to their personal Dashboard by receiving an email from: ECM 2021 From the link given in this mail they can manage their virtual room and their presentation and prepare for them (please see instructions here).

Please save this link as it will be the one to use when you will present your Poster. We advise everyone to start to enter the virtual room in advance to get familiar with the system. 

Please take note that this link should be used only for the time of presentation as it is a backend access to be used only for the time of your presentation and does not give access to the web app to attend all the Sessions and to network with your colleagues. 

At a second stage, once the platform will go live (few days before the meeting starts) Speakers and poster presenters will receive another email to enter the Meeting web app: they will have to use the same email address as the one used to log into their dashboard, they don’t have to create another account to access the webapp but they can enter the congress using the same password used to enter the personal dashboard.


When accessing the virtual platform, attendees will be asked to sign in to fully access the conference virtual platform. Without an account, attendees will not be able to enter the virtual rooms to attend the presentations.

Attendees are requested to an account using the same email address as the one they used for the registration at the Meeting (the password can be freely created).  Once attendees log in, they can edit their profile so that other conference attendees can find them.


-Full program of Plenary Sessions and Poster Sessions with related schedule;
-Speakers list;
-Attendees list;
-Social Wall (to post comments and pictures);
-Search: You can search by topics, presentation titles, speaker’s and authors’ name, affiliation, country

-Attend Plenary sessions and interact with the Speaker through a Q&A tool;
-Attend Poster presentations as guest of the Virtual rooms where the Presenter will meet you to discuss his/her poster (camera and microphones will be available to all attendees – max 15 in each room);
-Network with your colleagues searching them in the Attendees list. You can chat or schedule appointments for video meetings. In order to do that do not forget to allow privacy and security settings when editing your personal profile. Be ready with your picture (600×600 pixel) and with a background (1.200×600 pixel) so that your colleagues can see your image;
-Additional information:

Before starting, please make sure of the following:
-Use Google Chrome as browser;
-Use PC and tablet only (no smartphones);
-You do not have any blocks on both the privacy settings of your PC and on the browser that does not allow camera and microphone;
-You have closed other conference tools such as Zoom, Webex, others;
-You have selected the correct audio and video source
-Please use a cable connection and not WIFI

During the daily poster sessions, the presenters will be the host of their virtual rooms. Both the poster and paper pdfs are available on the presentation’s detail page and can be reviewed before the start of the Meeting and of the poster presentation. When joining a room you will be able to turn your microphone and camera on/off, using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. It is advised you turn these on in order to truly participate in the conversation. A maximum of 15 attendees is allowed in each room.

As Poster Presenter please remember to open the room at the schedule time of your presentation and remember to close it at the end of the session.

Please note that attendees can customize their personal profile with a picture and a background. Don’t forget to allow your visibility to other attendees by clicking on the Settings of your personal profile. (see instructions here)

So be ready with the following files:

Picture: png or jpg image with dimensions :600 x 600 px up to 2 MB

Background: png or jpg image with dimensions:1200 x 600 (height)px up to 2 MB

Should you not have your own background or if you don’t want to use your picture, we have prepared some Avatar and Generic Backgrounds of the Meeting. Please download clicking on the buttons below.

Download Avatars
Download and save background